Playing music via USB. Is there a way to set it to start at the actual track that is being played vs...

... starting in alphabetical order?
Don't really know how to word this, but lets say I've got 100 albums on a USB stick.
I'm currently listening to a band who's name starts with N.
When I go to the source list in the info, it starts at the bands with a letter A, which means I have to scroll through the alpha to find the band I want.
Is there a faster way?


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You can use your voice commands, I am attaching some voice command info posted in another thread by member Avoidin Deer. Newer lists of these probably are out there but this works very well and no need to fumble with control knobs while driving :).


  • Mazda Voice Recognition Commands v1.0 2000_03_28.pdf
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  • Mazda_GlobalVoiceCommand_2015.pdf
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Have never figured out a way to do it. It does the same thing for favorites. If you have 20 favorites and you're listening to the one that's half way down the list when you hit the source button it starts back at the beginning instead of the one you're currently listening to.
Learned to live with it.
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Mazda is so backward in the way the Infotainment system operates! It's not intuitive in the least.

The car that I had before the CX was a VW Jetta Sportwagon Diesel. That VW had a very intuitive and easy to use system.

One of my biggest pet peeves in the Mazda is when listening to music via USB flash drive.

Let's say that you're listening to music at random. A great song comes on and you decide that you want to listen to more music from that same artist. Can you just go up one level and enter the folder where this band's music lives? Hell no! How stupid is that? Clunky and stupid.

On the VW's system all the songs in that folder are on display, even when playing music at random, and you can select any of them whenever you like without having to scroll through the entire alphabet.