P5 fitment newb

Hey there friends. I'm looking to finally put some money into my baby. I'm so new to the fitment game.

Would this (screenshot attached) setup fit without issue? I have stock breaks right now. I'm not trying to slam it, I'm also looking into getting some good coilovers and dial in the stance for some spirited grip driving around the back roads.

Always love to hear what y'all think. Thanks


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There will be issues with that setup, wheels will poke a lot, tyre profile is too high.

Try going through the stance thread for some similar setups...


Stock P5 wheels have a +50 offset.
I ran 18x7.5 +48 Volk wheels with some 215/40 tires for years. No fender roll or pull, stock Mazdaspeed Protege suspension and the car never rubbed, plus my cornering wasn't 'hella flushed' down the toilet. :ROFLMAO:

Protege 5s arent quick off the line and they top out at like 120mph, but they out corner pretty much any wagon on the road. It's your car and decision, but I wouldn't ruin that for stance. Too fun to drive.

here's a pic


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17x9 with 45 offset IIRC, lowered 1.5" on Espelir/Illumina setup with 205/40/17 General G-Max tires...rides great, no fender rolling, corners like crazy, rubs none with passengers and/or full tank of gas........