P0300 and many other codes...IDK where to start, help!

Soo I have the 03 Mazda 6 3.0 with 160k miles. The engine was rebuilt bore .50 over, cat back flow master exhaust. One day the car started missing I cleared codes it was good for about 4 months then one day it started missing so bad I couldn’t drive it. So it got towed and the spark plugs were replaced. Everything was good. Full power n no problems for about a week or 2. Now all these codes are on it P0325 P0300 P2197 P0443 .. The car drives! Usually every morning the check engine light flashes then once it’s warmed up it it’s fine. Until today now it’s doing it even after it warms up. The acceleration sucks but once’s I hit 4Krpm you feel a HUGE difference in the power. I do smell gas fumes when i get out of the car as well. The car was completely fine after spark plugs with no codes and full power for about a week. Where do I start on fixing this anybody have an idea? Can I still drive it till I fix it?


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So how many miles did you put on the rebuild engine when the first misfire happen?

8k ish. Haven’t changed packs or wires since I’ve had it but that would throw a different code right?

Idk honestly I got it off my ex gf whose bf did all the work. When I got it, it was fine drove it for 7 months before we split. It was fine after plugs for a couple weeks then all of sudden this dumb s***.

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