One thing you would change or Mazda should redesign?

For a lot of us it is the Automatic Parking Brake! Its a big annoyance and even a worry if you happen to let someone else move your car. Singe worst feature.
Ottawa, Ontario
17 Mazda 6 GT
What is the automatic parking brake? Not all of us know the CX-30 and it's features. Thx.
It basically is an electric motor that always sets the parking brake when you park. The key is always. A lot of us hate it because it takes easy control of the parking brake away and makes it mandatory more or less- and unless you follow a number of inputs before pulling away it does not auto disengage. Its fairly simple to turn off on your own when you start the car but unless you're a person familiar with it it could be a headache. For instance new owner gets the car delivered and can't move it around the driveway.
CX-30 S white
Picked mine up at the dealer. It was already running so the APB was off. Went straight to the station to fill it up the last little bit to start mpg calculating. Tried to leave and I was locked to the spot. Took me 2 or 3 tries to figure it out. HATE the APB as it is. If Mazda is going to force us to use it against our will with no means of disabling it they should reprogram it to automatically release the moment the engine starts while the brake pedal is already pressed. It's horrible the way it is and I'll never buy another Mazda unless it is corrected and I'll warn anyone away from them until then as well. Horrible idea.