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sorry to be a noob, but been away for a while and just noticed the new format, is there a link to old CX-5 HOW TO SECTION ? I try to do a serach but got error message saying keywords too short.


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Hi @batmancx. When the forum switchover was completed, the old How-To sections in each subforum were removed. All of the existing threads in that section were moved to the General forum of that model (so CX-5 How To threads were moved to the CX-5 General forum).

The reason for this was that users were posting "how do I.." questions in that forum, while it was meant to be used as a repository for people to post guides they had written or helpful resources they had come across.

Instead of the old How To forums, we now have the Resources tab (in the blue navigation bar at the top of the website). If you click on that button it will take you to a repository of all DIY/How-To guides that we have added (so far). Because old guides have to be manually added, this will be an ongoing process. If you see a guide that isn't included in the Resources section, feel free to create the resource and link yourself (or contact a moderator) to add the guide.

What are you looking for specifically? I'm out of time today but tomorrow I can assist in hunting down the guide you're after.


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Gone. I asked antoine about adding a prompt to keep the how to action on topic, which he did. But then a few days later the section was removed and guide was implemented.


@sm1ke Excellent response and explanation, thank you!

@Chris_Top_Her Yeah, I realized after implementing the How-To prompt that not only were the How-To Forums full of "How do I..." threads but that the Prompt was not going to be enough to reduce such threads...You even had a sticky in there and people still posted for help there...More drastic measures were needed and now we have a Resources function to take the place of How-To Forums.

All that said, credit to you for bringing up the idea to use Prompts because it brought the feature to my attention and they are used for other Forums such as the Marketplace so thank you once again for mentioning it! (y)

That reminds me, I still intend on locating How-To threads and linking to them via Resources.

Ps...Moving thread to Support Forum.