Oil Change Interval

So I’m a little perplexed guys. First, let me preface this with I am very well versed on Mazdas and the MazdaConnect system. I’ve owned a 2016 Mazda3 sGT, 2016 Mazda CX-5 GT, 2018 Mazda6 Signature, and currently a 2020 Mazda CX-9 Signature. I’m very well versed in flexible vs fixed internals and I‘ve run all my cars on fixed with 5000 mile intervals.

So I did my most recent oil change at 9k miles (did the first one at 4K at the dealership because it’s free) on the CX9 in December. Prior to the oil change, my service light was flashing and indicated “service due” as I had 0 miles remaining on my previous oil change. I changed the oil and filter, I reset the interval to 5,000 miles as always and the “service due“ went away like usual and life moved on - I’ve done this what seems like 100 times with all my Mazdas.

Today I went to the dealership to pick up papers for a new 2021 CX5 Carbon Turbo (Wife’s ride). On the trip to and from the dealership absolutely no dash lights, no 600 mile “Service Due Soon” light. So tonight I moved my car to the other side of the garage to get the snowblower out and when I got back in it from moving the snowblower it said “Service Due“. I went into my MazdaConnect system and it showed I had 0 miles remaining. I currently have 10,650 miles on the car. So only about 1600 miles since my last reset.

I realize Mazda uses two oil change interval monitors, one within the MazdaConnect system, the other within the PCM controlled by the trip odometer switch. Back in 2018 both of these had to be reset to do the oil change right. Mazda eventually updated the MazdaConnect system with v70.xx and then you only had to reset via the MazdaConnect system and both monitors would reset and stay in sync.

Alright. So that’s my spiel. You guys got anything on this? Any known hiccups on newer 2020 models on v70 that cause bugs like this?

Thanks in advance