Offset for 16" wheels (Mazda2)

I just bought my Mazda 2. Looking at 16" Mags for it. Set I'm looking at are 16x6j +45 CB 65.4 . Going to lower it 2". Will the offset work? Thanks 😊
18 Mazda CX5 AW
Depends. Members may need more data to answer your question. What year is it, what is current rim size , current tire size on it and what size tire switching to?

Data for 2021 show's that year model comes with 16 x 5.5 rims et40 but also an option is 17x 6 rims et45 with 195/45r17 tires. However that is without lowering it.

You may want to go and pick up a cheap junkyard rims in that 16 x 6 etc 45 size. Check your pcd and cb before buying a different manufacturer wheels and check internet site for comparable rims. Some junkyards still sell rims with tire attached(if it hadn't been pulled off the car already) and try mounting it on your car and see if it hits/rubs anywhere. Will also help you see how much space you have to lower it.

I safely downsized my cx5 from 17 to 16 inch rims and tested with junkyard rims beforehand to make sure 16 inch rims would fit over brakes and not rub the suspension components. No lowering as I intend to jack it up and inch or 2.
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