OEM Yokohama tires wear out after 35k? Cost effective replacements?

2014 mazda cx-5 touring FWD
Sometimes some of the locals that sell different brands including pirellis have better/equal deals than walmart. Around here at least. Check out your locals too.
I can certainly believe that. But my only prior experience with Walmart was buying my Altimax RT43's from them back in 2014 and they were very competitive. This deal was a 'rollback' from WM's regular price and after ruling out Costco's price on the Bridgestones, I checked online prices of 2 different local/regional chains but couldn't see them dropping $150 to maybe $200 to match WM on a $500 deal. So without spending any more time I just jumped on the deal. To me, tire buying has generally been a PITA so I got it over with.
'17 CX-5 GT AWD
I belong to Costco and priced those Michelin Defender 2 tires. They would cost just over $150 more than what the Pirelli's cost. The price of the Bridgestone Alenza AS Ultra on sale at Costco is what originally had me looking elsewhere when I stumbled onto the Pirelli deal at Walmart. I wasn't looking for Michelins anyway and am more than happy with what I got for the price.
i think part of my problem (aside from chronic impatience :ROFLMAO:) is that i have the 19 inch wheels which take more expensive tires which also seem to be less readily available than the smaller sizes. i also was looking at specific tires and not just the best deals (while keeping the deals in mind). i could have gotten cooper endeavor plus tires for a good chunk less, but i had put those on my forester and didn't care for the way they looked (petty, i know). the coopers are rated higher on tirerack for snow and all around, despite the tread looking less winter worthy. doesn't mean they'll do better, but interesting to see that in the reviews. the coopers also had weird rubber pieces that stuck out from the tire surface (they looked like paddles, running across the whole tire) that took close to 2 weeks to wear off. there were very few good deals on tires when i looked for new tires for the cx-5 back in october; the best seemed to be $150 off when you buy 4 tires. Mazda advertised buy 3 get one free or close to it deals, but they had limited selection and had jacked up the prices of the tires.