No error codes, no spark. Help!

Dear All,
during vacation in Slovenia on the way to a mountain top suddenly our car stopped, we tried to start but without succes. We checked the temp continiously, it was no problem, with help we pushed the car to the side. There was no noise, no smell. Oil on level, cooling liquid no problem. The self-starter is working with same normal sound, i can hear the petrol pump buzzing normaly also. Assistance brought us to the nearest service. From one friend i got that idea to replace crankshaft sensor, the service tried that, but the car wont start with new one too. There is no error code and service told me there is no electricity at spark plugs and they checked already the cables. Any other idea? 2007 1.8 petrol
Thanks in advance
Zoltán from Hungary
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
Does this engine have a timing belt? If the belt goes, the computer won't know how to start the car, so no spark.
2010 Mazda 5 Sport
For an engine to just quit like that while running, it's usually one of 2 things.

Fuel related. Could be the pump has gone bad. Just because you hear it, doesn't really mean it's ok. You should have a fuel pressure test done.

Timing related. Timing chain or its guides have issues. Crank sensor or cam sensor(s) have gone bad.

I suppose other things could be at fault, but usually, won't cause the engine to just stop like that with no codes.

Is it an automatic or a manual? If a manual transmission...did you try to push start it?
2008 Mazda5 GT
assuming the battery is in good health, check fusible link.

(pic is CX 5 but the design/application is the same for Mazda, trace the 'wires' from the fuse -down)
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