New Member 800s (2002 Millenia S)

Hello everyone,

New Mazda owner, had many over the years and have been in and out of some of the mazda forums. New to 247, none the less I should be somewhat active.

Also fwiw, didn't actually see a specific new member area so if the thread needs moved, my bad.

Here's the car though...

2002 Millenia S
Just over 34,000 miles
Stock, lol.
Had one many years ago, non s. But for me it's really nostalgic. It looks like a 22 year old car, but drives like you wouldn't imagine. Can't believe I was able to find one, especially as time has past. To the best of my knowledge it was garage kept. Some of the mounts are worn and there's a few blemishes but I've had zero issues with it.

Hopefully I can enjoy it for years to come and I'll be sure to get some better pictures soon.


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Hi and welcome @800s! Great find and wonderful to see an older Mazda like this appreciated so much...A sedan nonetheless!

I do hope you'll keep us updated on your Millenia S ownership experience and I'm definitely looking forward to more pics..😁

Ps...You posted this in our Lounge which is great for new Member intros but seeing as this also seems to be your car thread...I'll move it over to our Other Mazdas Forum..:)
Yeah it's definitely unique for it's time. A car that should've never been. Some would say luxurious, I'd say modest and well orchestrated. Everything makes sense, awfully simple but just right.

Honestly the tape/cd player is my favorite feature that just doesn't exist anymore. My wife loves when a car has a cd player. It's a 90s thing.


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Pics of the speed3 from back in the day.


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That interior is in such great shape! Perhaps not a surprise due to the low mileage, haha. It looks nice and roomy inside :)