New Here & Needing Advice & It's Sad But True

Hey everyone. New here as the title says. I just recently bought a wrecked 2003.5 MSP. The car looks horrible as far as cosmetics but the interior is nice still lol. To start this story off let me set the scene a lil. Back around 2012 my brother bought the car here in AL from a local dealer. The car was perfect at that time no signs of being painted not as much as a scratch on it. It was a graduation present. He took really good care of the car. I wanna say it had around 40k miles maybe at the TOP. The car had always been covered up oil changed ever 2k and plugs every 5k I'm talking he took care of this car to the point of just short of having a few scratches on the rims when he sold it it looked as good clean as it ever did. Only mechanical failure it ever had was the Watergate actuator went bad and boosted all the time which was changed all but immediately. That and a cracked exhaust manifold. Needless to say he sells it to a friend of ours that just had to have it. He sells it for 4k right at 130k miles on it against his better judgment not the price wasnt fair but the dude getting the car was and forever will be completely ignorant. My brother turned the boost all but off and told the dude that he was gunna learn to drive it without it boosting because he was a friend and he isn't the best driver and would die in the car. Well long story short he owns it less than a year. Wrecks it 3 maybe 4 times tbh doesn't get 10k miles on the car and sells it to me for $200. The car still drives and rides good it's not eating tires or anything buy looks like a can on the driver side, trunk & hood. I've been working on the engine planning on pulling it and the trans asap but wanna get it close to right before I do. I've took all the butterflies out. I've ported the intake itself entirely. But cant get bank 1 to stop running lean or getting the p2009 code and I'm not sure what to do so I need advice on that and possible advice on should the car itself be fixed literally taking the time to fix this crushed can or just swap everything to another protege shell. I'll have pics up soon thanks in advance.


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p2009 suggests the VTCS solenoid is not functioning properly. It's one of the two solenoids that sit on top of the intake manifold. VTCS has the green plug and not the white plug. The solenoids are cheap on ebay and should be under $20 a pop. There are 4 or 5 of those solenoids on the car and they're all the same btw.

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