New CX-90 Signature owner

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Mazda cx90 signature (turbo s premium plus in US). I love this car. Very luxurious and comfortable.

I tested the 0-60 the best I could do was 6.13s I think I can do better the.only problem is the 0-30mph is a bit slow to launch.

I did a test of 20km (13miles) on the freeway at a speed of 100km/h (62mph) and I obtained a consumption of 6.5l/100km (36mpg) very impressive.


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No this car does not move fast with power brake i do not know why.

Fyi with 7 runs i got between 6.13s and 6.36s.
I was wondering, can you put it in offroad mode? Seems that at least the european cx60 get better time in offroad mode.
It usually gets faster after 10k miles.
6s is pretty fast for such a big vehicle.
Love the interior color combo.
Congrats. That's an impressive 0-60 time!
Where are you based?
Congratulations on your new car! Those 0-60 times and fuel economy numbers are impressive and I think they will get better as the engine breaks in.

What I like about the CX-90 is ability to get great gas mileage with the performance that is enough to make you smile and handling that is 100% Mazda.

Not sure what other car out there gives a similar level of performance with this fuel economy.
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Did you do a test in manual mode? I am just curios because I drive my Mazda (CX-5) in manual mode and I'd love to read some reviews from the CX-90 owners.