Name this Mazda wheel


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Hi I bought a set of rims off Facebook thinking that these are 17 in CX-5 Wheels. But as it turned out these are 18x7". What model of Mazda were these the original factory wheel?

The tire size is 225/50r18. The seller said it came off his MPV.


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Looks like mazda6
Wow, that was quick! That must be it.
My CX-5 GT came with 19"s and I'm looking to "add lightness".

These wheel 18"s look stronger than the 17" Miata wheels I have. Can't decide which to use in potholed streets of NYC...


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I think you're right. The Mazda 3's are 18x7.
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I had the tires mounted and they weighed 51 lbs total with lead balancing weights. The Continental TruContact Tour tire is 27lbs new as per TireRack so the wheels are about 24 lbs for an 18x7.