My Wheels Are Ruined

Used meguiars all purpose wheel cleaner today and my wheels totally started chipping even more and there is some bubbling under a couple of the chips.... the wheels are ruined.. Any Paint that is close or near OEM color?


2018 CX-9 GT
If it is still under warranty you may be able to have mazda cover replacement or repairs. These wheels are known to be fairly fragile to certain cleaners but a reputable brand wheel cleaner should have been safe.


Yeah, from a quick google search, it looks like Maguires Hot Rims can damage the paint if it dries on the wheel. Yikes.

I usually use the left over soap in the bucket from washing the car. I do the wheels last so I don't spread brake dust all over the car. It works great and I've never had a problem.

Good luck, and thanks for the heads up!