My solutions to phone placement dilemma in new CX-5 (Photos)

I too appreciate the amazing write up by the OP. I do not like his phone placement(s) though. Sticking it over the beautiful piano finish in the center console looks horrible in my opinion.

I leave my phone in my pocket for daily driving. I haven't gone on a long trip but I guess I would connect it and stick it in the center cubby and forget about it. To each his own though.
For me it's pretty basic & boring : A. Destination> center console USB Android auto plug, lay it down inside the console (ok.. it lays on a new microfiber small towel). Arrival: Open console and unplug phone.
B. When I am really lazy
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Note: All these phone actions are performed while the vehicle is fully stopped and in the parking gear!
@tsdcx5 PLEASE tell me where you got that little tray for the front storage area, I love it!
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