My 2008 Mazda6 has shifting issues among others...

Hi. I have a 2008 Mazda6 2.3 70,000 miles.

I have no idea if any of this is connected or if there are any real issues. VIP auto parts said there was no issue besides the blower motor resistor which i already knew but here is everything:

Buzzing when my car is turned into the On position, before the engine starts. Only audible from outside and if the hood is open or if you're listening hard from outside maybe.

Air in car doesn’t work unless on high setting, AC light will turn off when air is turned on the high settings.

I think I have lower MPG might be wrong. Whenever shifting into drive or reverse I hear a winding up or down noise. Not whining, but a winding up kind of noise, like a toy. It’s only audible from outside or if window is open.

Whenever AC light is green, car instantly gets louder and the inside lights dim.

It sounds like my engine is rattling though I don’t know what my engine sounds like normally. Only started listening when I thought something was wrong.

Kinda feels like my wheel is harder to turn.

Also an issue with neutral switch? I have to put the car into neutral then park then drive /reverse to get going sometimes. tire pressure gauge is also busted broken.

I was told that bad MPG was bc of the snow tires (replacing them next week) and that my car showed no signs of failing.

I was told by a mechanic I asked, it could be the tensioner or alternator having bearing issues. Any idea? I didn’t mean to give you so many issues but trying to give the whole idea.
@imalwayssad What have you figured out so far, I also have the under hood buzzing, as far as your shifting goes, change your fluid, do a trans dump get a book to do it right you must lift the front wheels off the ground to be able to fill and flood the shift gates while filling the transmission!), the buzzing sound could be anything really, for me it seems to be electrical in nature, obviously, but as yet I have to pin it down.

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