Multiple dash lights on and things not working (2008 CX-9)

Hi Guys,

Got into my 2008 CX-9 this morning after it had been sitting out in the rain to move it to get my truck out. Water leaked from under the driver side onto the foot rest by the side but everything seemed fine. A few hours later my wife drives it and comes home with all sorts so dash lights lit up. TCS OFF, Oil Light, Antilock break, etc. The Turn signal and door locks are dead. Car cranks and runs fine sitting in the garage. Ran a diagnostic and it had like 10 codes where some was lost communication with control module. I had another post where my TCS light was coming on but now it's gone nuts.

I read some posts about water leaking from the sunroof and even low voltage. It has been raining here almost daily and it has been out in the rain but now in the garage so hopefully it will dry out. What can do or check to try to address this myself first?
2011 CX-9 GT AWD
disconnect the BCM and dry it with hair blower then put it in the ziplock and put rice. about24 hours connect it to car and try it again. meanwhile, fix the sunroof drain tube.
Thanks! I will try that. Oh, I just realized that my wife's does not have sunroof. Water may have came in through a leaking windshield from other posts I have read and it had to be replaced a few years back after hitting a deer. Anyway to easily check if the windshield is leaking?
I took it out (PITA!) and ran a hair dryer over it good. It has been in the garage for a week so nothing wet. It is sitting in a bag of rice now and I'll wait a few days and hook it back up and hope for the best. Still need to check if it's the windshield leaking.
2011 CX-9 GT AWD

If you do not have sunroof, water may come from Evaporator. CX9 has horrible evaporator design and can not drain the water. It clogs very often. If evaporator drain clogs and fills with water( with dehumidifier), it makes slushy noise while you are driving the car and turning to left. Also water comes in the cabin from feet vents. you may ask your wife if she heard any slushy noise while driving.

You have 2 options.

1- Lay under the vehicle, move the heat insulator right under the driver side. you will see a hole. if you have wet vac, you can try to vacuum it.

2- open the floor liner on front passenger side. front left corner nearby the center console. you will see a black tube with curves on it. probably it has a clamp on it. remove it and get water in a tray or a bottle.
Sarpworks. Been there and done that. Very familiar with the sloshing noise. I've been under it twice with a shopvac and compressed air. Both times it leaked on the passenger side and ruin my fan once that I had to replace. Not hearing any sloshing this time. I'm pretty sure it's a windshield leak.
Does the cowl over the bottom of the windshield have any drain holes? I noticed that mine if full of leaves around the hole where the wipers stems come up through the cowl and around the edges. Was wondering if it sitting out in the rain maybe it was collecting, not draining and leaking around the windshield.
2011 CX-9 GT AWD
I removed the wiper blades and the cover to cleanup everything under that for a while ago But i do not remember how was the drain line.
I can't find anything online about it having a drain or even how to remove the cowl so I'm guessing not. Going to clean it out the best I can and pour some water over it while the BCM is out to check if it leaks.
2011 CX-9 GT AWD
I only remember...

1 - Remove the wiper stems (before removing, mark the position of the blades on windshield with duck tape, so you can re-install it on same location).

2 - Cowl should be 3 pieces. Left and right are small pieces, middle is whole piece.