MP3 with blue rims

Has anyone looked at lately? Take a look at the MP3s they have for sale and you will see what i am talking about. I just cant believe that someone would paint their Racing Harts blue. I dont think they look that great.

Someone can put up the link if they want, i dont have time right now.


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For those who are too lazy to click the link.....


I think that's kinda cool, don't know if I'd do, but I like the tails....a little bit anyway


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YUCK YUCK AND YUCK!!!!! They even color matched the badges how sickening!!!!


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Pardon me... I would have typed more but I've become violently ill and have now shorted out my keyboard :eek:


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man, that's a damn shame.
Anyone want to take bets on how long it'll sit...?I'll say at least two months...
Well all i am embarassed to say, i know who created this disasterous mess of a car!!!!

Well i don't actually know him, but i did meet his brother at a car show in Englishtown, NJ (i entered my MP3 by the way)

He (the brother) was explaining to me all of the things that he had done to his car....The rims, the emblems, the taillights and everything!!!!!!!! It sounded cool at the time, but now that i see the pictures looks like a blue nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!
Well have fun for now, but don't stare at it for too long!!!!!!!!!


Well, I think of it this way.. it's not the poor car's fault it got a terrible owner! All you would really have to do is some different rims and isn't that what alot of you are doing anyway?