MP3 Seats


2003.5 Mazdaspeed Protege TIT. #603
Hey MP3 owners, im looking for a set of MP3 front and rear seats. Im willing to make some trade. let me know! :)
Should be easier to get MSP seats and they are slightly better than MP3 seats.
I really don't dig the material on the MP3 seats, the 03.5 seats would be perfect if they had black or silver stitching.
agreed! but i got a price quoted to change out the yellow for red stitching and they told me like $500! i was like eff that! also i dont want to get aftermarket seats, i dig OEM stuff alot. i was wondering how it would come out if i just tried to use a red dye pen or something to color the yellow red but im to afraid to eff it up. :-/ so MP3 seats for now until i find a set of speed3 seats i like or if i can get my hands on some of those lovely mazdaspeed seats ive seen.
I would go MS3 seats all the way, plus i'll bet they're easier to find than MP3 seats are nowadays.
If you really are interested in MS3 Seats, I have leather fronts and rears that were in my Protege5 for sale...just have yet to put them up...
^+1 for alex

go with MS3 seats, they look awesome and are super comfy
they got some pretty beefy bolsters (think thats what there called) too so you dont slide everywhere when your cornering
So if your still looking I could trade you mine the passenger has a cig bur in it though I would love the yellow stiching. If I end up keeping the car I may be willing to pay 50 bucks and trade for front and rear and meet halfway where ever halfway is between pa and va
I have the front seats out of my MP3 sitting in my garage and there good condition but the brackets are missing.