More stringent car emissions coming...

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"Biden’s climate plan includes the promise to reinstate and advance more stringent fuel economy standards that were implemented during the Obama administration but rolled back by Trump. Under the 2012 Obama rules, automakers had to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for passenger and light-duty vehicles by 3.5% annually from 2017 to 2021 and by 5% per year from 2022 to 2025."

In my opinion, I think cars that use more fuel are going to become more expensive as the government adds taxes to them to discourage sales. Mazda might go to a 5 cylinder deactivation system ;)



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It's a good thing Mazda has a working relationship with Toyota now. Hopefully they can utilize Toyota's excellent hybrid/PHEV in future vehicles.


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As long as FE regulations don't start hurting trucks and SUVs - we can only do so much with reduction in emissions for cars that are losing market Share to SUVs / Trucks.
Going the way Norway did makes sense, they made it expensive to drive, register, buy, park big gas guzzler cars and same with other Scandinavian nations. I know a friend who has an American muscle car but uses his Corolla hybrid wagon as daily in Sweden. The muscle car is for leisure drives once a week as it is expensive to daily. Here in Texas you have corporate guys driving pick ups. Their beds more cleaner than the interior.