Misc parts for sale

Have several parts to sale, need gone soon.
Protege LX DX radio bezel $25 Shipped
Door lock switches $10 Shipped ech.
Inner door handles set of 4 $20 Shipped
Center cup holders $18 Shipped ech.
P5/MP3/MSP Hood latch $15 Shipped
Protege LX DX ES Hood latch $15 Shipped
Markers Clear w/pigtails the pair $20 Shipped ech.
Markers Clear only the pair $15 Shipped
Marker amber single $8 Shipped
Protege upgraded alarm needs new trigger switch and one connector cracked but used zip ties to hold together $30 Shippedwe
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Mazda Protege MP3&MSP
If you make me a good deal on the MSP hood latch with the inner door handles I'll consider taking it.