Mazdaspeed6 compressor not clicking on after new compressor clutch kit

2006 Mazdaspeed6
The compressor clutch in my MS6 went bad. The bearing was shot and something caused the actuator coil to basically melt.
I finally got the new clutch kit installed (new actuator, clutch, pulley wheel, and bearing).
Now that I've replaced everything I would expect the compressor to click right on but it does not.
Prior to the clutch failure, the AC was working fine, (blowing ice cold), so I don't suspect the actual compressor or the refrigerant level.
My hunch is something electrical upstream from the clutch actuator went bad when it melted.
I've checked the AC fuse located in the passenger compartment and it's fine.
I also tested the AC relay and it's fine.
Any ideas? No, I didn't forget to plug in new clutch actuator...

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2006 Mazdaspeed6

I checked continuity from the clutch actuator connector back to the relay and the connection is good.
With the car running and AC on I just jumpered 12V to the relay socket (AC clutch side) and bingo! cold AC.
However, when bypassing the relay, shorting the NC and COM connections on the relay socket it doesn't work.
Why isn't there 12V on the relay? I guess I need to see a wiring diagram. Anybody have it?


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