Mazdaspeed Protege turbo kit in Protege5 issues...Any ideas?

So recently I installed a Mazdaspeed protege turbo kit in my mp5. I have a turbo smart 7lb waste gate and cx racing Intercooler/ intake system. I'm having issues accelerating. When I’m going into boost, going over 3000rpm the car starts to bog badly and sounds like it wants to shut off. The only time I seem to hit boost is in 5th and I’m only hitting like 5lb and the car will start to bog going over 4000rpm. Could really use some ideas on what’s going wrong, thanks!
Sort of thought it would be a bolt on bolt off type deal stock turbo tune from a 03 msp stock turbo,manifold,down pipe.The Mazda mp5 and Mazdaspeed share the same motor and fuel system bedside the turbo and ecu.the new waste gate still opens up at the stock boost pressure 7psi the only think I can really think of is the intake and Inter cooler system.using a fmic and maf sensors is before the turbo right next to the air filter.Factory uses a smic
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