Mazda5 Suspension differences by generation?

I've been looking at coilovers and air bag set ups for some time and I have questions I can seem to find the answers to. Some vendors list coil overs up to 2010 and some list them to up to 2014. I have a 2012 and the components I have been looking at they don't seem to list. I have heard that some guys use the mazda3 air bag set ups with the bolt on air struts without issues although no one can confirm.

I work at a wrecking yard and have some access to the information and even it doesn't make sense. The 2012 and 2010 lower control arms both interchange with the mazda3 but not with each other, same with some of the spindles.

Has any one used a Mazda3 air ride set up here? Has any one used a 2010 coilover set on a later gen? Can anyone explain what the differences are other than spring rates?


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