2014~2018 Mazda3 Hatch, brake suggestions

Hey team...

Noticeable hissing in rear brakes. Just bought the damn thing less than a month ago! Used, 11k miles, prev owner was Florida driver. Wondering if it's just humidity and sea salt (I hope). It's a Japanese made. Rear rotors definitely look rusty and ready for some love. Really? So soon?

Questions are-- what are some good brands of brakes or packages I should look at to meet a happy medium of performance and every suburban driving styles? I like to drive like grandma when I remember to, but as I get more comfortable I know I'll start driving pretty hard, and I live in DC with LOTS of construction and terrible drivers.

What're some really Mazda 3-friendly brands or what've you used that have made you happy? What're some brands to stay away from in my quest?

I'd like to buy a kit with both front and back and call it a day (for a while) and get that piece of mind that all 4 are fresh and rest easy for a bit. I'd like to just enjoy the drive for a while, this car's a big upgrade for me so I'm willing to throw down on some reasonable brakes at the moment and try to hold some value... not have to have something to worry about every year that I've gotta do an overhaul on. Preventive measures and such. Is this adulting?

Looking to buy the kit/pads/rotors myself and get them slapped on by a fella I know.

Any/all insight welcome. Some pics below of the rear tires so you can see a bit of what might be part of any issues I'm having with noise. Thanks team.