Mazda3 2021 Groaning sound braking with extreme left / right steering wheel position

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I have just bought Mazda3 2021 model. I have not even spent a week with it. But unfortunately experiencing groaning/moaning sound when I turn the steering wheel to the extreme right or left while braking in D/P/R/N. I tried the same with parking brake on, but no sound in this case. I am planning to go to dealership to get it inspected but would like to see if anyone has faced similar issue? Should I be concerned to observe such noise with a brand new Mazda? 😓

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thank you!
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I've never seen any mention of this type of noise from a new Mazda. My 3 is almost 7 years old and it has been stellar. As an FYI, Consumer Reports Magazine has rated Mazda as not only the most reliable auto brand but also as the overall winner over all other brands (selling vehicles in the US) regarding performance, customer satisfaction, safety, and of course, reliability/quality.
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Usually a front (grinding/clicking) noise when turning is a CV joint. If it is that it's fairly common and not the end of the world.
Thanks a lot everyone for your responses, really appreciate it.
I did a few more rounds of tests before going to the dealership, the noise is only observed when I am in D/R and release the brake pedal slowly and when approaching full lock on each side. And its more of a grinding noise I suppose. I am not sure how to describe it. Attaching a quick video of the noise.
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Update - I spoke to the dealership and they said its a common noise and caused due to ABS. When I drive for a while it reduces considerably. Only seems to be coming persistently when I start the car for the first time. However if you have any inputs kindly let me know 🙂

Thank you so much.

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