Mazda2 won't start...Help

Hello everyone, new here to this forum.
My wife has a Mazda 2 and for the last 2 years she has been having a problem with it starting.
We might go out and it will start up right away. Then you might go to the somewhere and stop the motor, but when you try and start it,,nothing..We have had it towed home and left it in the driveway.Try it every day for 2-3 days nothing, then the next day it might start.
When it starts its not safe to go anywhere and turn off the motor, because it might not restart.Or it might work perfect for a couple of weeks, then the same thing.
Only thing we see different on the dash is a steering wheel with a ! beside. When it is working that is not on the dash. Battery and fuses are good, just it has to rest for a few days, sometimes weeks.
We have other cars but need to get this working also.
If anyone knows what might be the problem and help will be appreciated. Thanks