Guide Mazda2 DE factory cruise control retrofit

2014 Mazda 2 GX
Required parts:
* Factory cruise steering wheel buttons
* 4 pin brake switch (Mazda part # BN7N-66-490)
* OBDII adapter (ELM327 compatible - most OBDLink adapters fit the bill)
* Windows laptop
* FORScan v2.3.16 (later versions may work, but this one is confirmed to) Extended License (pay or register for the forum to get 2 months free - you need to access the forum either way) -

1. Install the wheel and brake switch
2. Connect OBDII adapter
3. Put ignition to on position
4. Launch FORScan and connect to OBDII adapter
5. Confirm that PCM (AS BUILT format) appears in the Configuration and Programming tab
6. Select PCM in dropdown box and click Run Service Procedure
7. Click Save All to save factory configuration in case something doesnt work properly
8. Record lines 7E0-01-07 & 7E0-01 -25
9. Refer to FORScan forums 2010-2013 Mazda 3 Cruise Control Activation thread, specifically baxevans post on p3 for instructions on calculating values to input.
10. Enter required values, and Write All.
11. Click Stop Service Procedure
12. Once complete, cycle ignition off and on.
13. Test the cruise button. If the cruise indicator in the gauge cluster lights up, youre in business.
14. Enjoy!
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Well I figure I will give this a go. I have acquired a steering wheel as a donor for the switches.


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Well, the wheel has been swapped over and plugged in. No dash warning lights thus far, disconnected the battery before starting.
Probably the hardest part is getting the air bag module unplugged. You need to pry up the small black clip in the center of the yellow connector before it will release.

Waiting on a OBDII USB cable at the moment and am yet to work out what the brake switch is. Looks like i have one already on the pedal. Will check and see if there is any other spare plugs down there shortly.
I was a bit unsure about the brake switch. This video seems to indicate that the one I currently have only has 1 set of pins. So that would tie in with what is mentioned above about the 4 pin brake switch.

Also with the airbags, normally the connectors have an isolating shorting bar that earths the two pins together when the connector is removed. In this video you can see that the connector is still in the air bag and there are loose wires dangling about. This I presume is unsafe as with the connector in the isolation link is disengaged and it would only require a small potential difference across the pins to set the module off.

May as well ask a question and throw in my $0.02 here. I have a 2013 Mazda3 but am going down this same path. So far all dealers near me and speed shops have been dead ends on this mostly simple programming procedure for them. NE Illinois, USA area.

Does anyone know if the latest iterations of ForScan have a built in function of turning on cruise? I’ve heard sometimes it does and you don’t have to mess with the hexadecimal. I’m warming up to the idea of just doing this myself.

Fwiw pictures of my car and the recent work on the wheel.


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Can’t help just yet on that question.
my cable has arrived. But my lap top is playing up this morning so can’t get forscan to load.
Also I just checked my brake pedal switch as I had not done that part yet. Looks like I only have 2 wires running to the switch. So swapping the switch to the double pole version is not going to achieve much. Will need to investigate what loom I need.


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Can’t help just yet on that question.
my cable has arrived. But my lap top is playing up this morning so can’t get forscan to load.
Also I just checked my brake pedal switch as I had not done that part yet. Looks like I only have 2 wires running to the switch. So swapping the switch to the double pole version is not going to achieve much. Will need to investigate what loom I need.

Got my cable, got ForScan downloaded and the driver's updated on the link. Currently waiting for the 2 month free extended license. If this is a success, I'll probably buy a lifetime to support them.

FWIW my car has the 4 wires and correct switch at the brake. So all that should be needed is the activation in the computer. Hopefully the wiring change you need to make isn't too extnesive and is plug-and-play for you!

I'm hoping when I connect to ForScan I get the cruise toggle, but have a feeling I'll have to ask for help on the ForScan forum to get the hexadecimal changes correct.
This one is for a 2006 - 2010 Mazda 5
Hopefully something similar is going to be the solution for the Mazda 2.
The small white plug looks like the one on the brake pedal switch. I’ll probably have to cut the two wires into my loom as chances of finding a manual one with the clutch switch might be hard.


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Some pictures of the PCM connector in the engine bay of my 2008 built Australian delivered 2.



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Some mark ups from the manual...


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In Forscan I can only see the one brake switch presently. This will be the input on 1G. Can you see brake switch input 2, after you change it?


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Well I bought a full wiring harness from the UK. My Australian delivered car did not have any of the wiring inside the cabin.
If you go looking on the M2O owners group, or the M2 UK owners group, one of the pages has a link to the workshop manual.
from here I was able to work out what wires were missing.
1 - Brake Switch circuit #2. This needed two wires connected to the brake pedal switch. One of these goes to earth. The other goes to the Black with pink stripe on common connector C-03. Behind the glove box on a right hand drive car.
2 - A pair of wires that run to the clock spring on the steering column back to common connector C-02. Located in the left hand kick panel.

I am now up to the point where I can do the Forscan changes.


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