Mazda Toolbox Update (CX-60)

CX60 Exclusive
Has anybody had any luck getting the Mazda Toolbox Update to recognise their SD Card.

I'm on OS X Monterey and it just won't see the SD Card.

Nor did the app ask me to allow access to certain files etc.

I have tried giving the App full disk access - Again - No card recognised (no error messages though)
CX60 Exclusive
As an update - The alternative backup didn't work.

Mazda dealer didn't even understand the problem when I discussed - said something about map updates are only allowed yearly - I wasn't trying to update - just to do a backup.
CX60 Exclusive
I've raised a concern with Mazda Support UK - Let's see what they say.

I contacted mmukassistance

They said, it's not us - contact support, so I did.

They said - it's not us contact mazda direct or your dealer. *sigh*

However, if you dig around in the app you can get directed to:

Where I have raised a support ticket.

Let's see where this ends up.