Mazda Parts Backordered with no ETA...Anywhere with stock?

I've been looking for this part TK48-50-7E1D-2M because the clear coat is peeling on it.. Anyways it's on backorder and I cannot find it anywhere...Can someone point me in the right direction? I want to sell my car soon, thanks.
2018 CX-9 GT
I am surprised to see they sell those pre-painted, but it looks like they do.

I would check around for body shop or paint restauration shop to fix the clear coat or repaint it if tou can’t find the part. Unless they fade it in the paint won’t match 100%, but i am not sure that the paint on this new parts would match the now faded paint on the rest of your car either.
Update to this post. Ended up contacting mazda USA and the dealer went above and beyond to track down the part, its only after I contacted MUSA that the dealer went above and beyond. Does anyone know have the manual to replace this part?