Mazda CX-50 brake issue

Hello all, I have a brand new 2023 Mazda CX 50 with about 50 miles on it, the car is making a sound from the driver side rear. To me it sounds like when the dust shield scrapes against the rotor in an older car or a e brake pad just rubbing because it’s a new pad? I have been using the parking brake and when I looked underneath the car it appears that it is air operated? is there a way to reset this or. The car was quite when we drove it home from the dealership. It’s not super loud, but when you drive next to a wall or Fence slow with the window down you can hear it, I felt around, the backer plate is fine, nothing visually touching the rotor. I think that the parking brake is not fully disengaging


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It could just be a tiny rock or pebble. I actually had the same noise just a few days ago, and made a mental note to poke around when I had some free time. A couple of days later, no more noise.

Something like this would also be taken care of under warranty by the dealer, so if possible, just bring it back to them and they'll fix it.
Problem found, Turns out it was not from the rear, the dust shield front passenger side was rubbing on the rotor, there’s no sign of something hitting it, I bent it back a little and the noise is gone, now I’ll have to wait for mazda to get a new dust shield in stock to replace this one, it wore a groove in it and took off the paint, maybe it happened in transit from Alabama?? Surprised the dealer ship didn’t address it, it was Very noticeable outside of the car

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