Mazda CX-50 announced

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My numbers are off, and only for illustration purposes, but probably only 20 of buyer put reliability at the top of their priority list. Almost any of the top 5 will do for most.

For example, if the CX-5, or whichever Mazda you are driving, still was the best (for you) in terms of driving dynamics, comfort, style, interior refinement, BUT, ranked 5th in reliability and the CRV was ranked 1st, I'm guessing that many, if not most of you would still be driving the Mazda.
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I'm familiar with this ranking over many years. What often happens is makers with few or no new releases or generations or drive trains in a particular year rise in the rankings; those with several drop. Several of the luxury marques seem to languish at the bottom year after year; mo' gismos, mo' bleeding edge tech, mo' trouble.
The most trouble when vehicles undergo a major upgrade is often with German and US auto manufacturers. CR had an issue about this very subject. You can see some cars (like Corvettes) never improve that much in the reliability sector. Toyota/Lexus very often get it right on the first try. Our 2006 Lexus RX400h was purchased new in 2005. It is loaded with high-tech and yet nothing has ever failed in the 16+ years we have owned it. My First generation 2014 Mazda 3S with 2.5L has the tech package and has been stellar as far as reliability goes.