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Hey everyone!

As you're all aware by now, we have recently switched to a new forum software by XenForo. With this switch, some new features have been added. One such feature is the Resources section, found by clicking on the Resources tab at the top of the page or by clicking here. For mobile browsers, click on the three-bar Menu button in the top left, and scroll down until you see the Resources section.

This section is designed to house any and all resources a CX-5 owner (or potential owner) may find useful. This includes things such as DIY guides, recall notices, applicable tire size charts, aftermarket or OEM vendor listings, repair/workshop manuals, wiring diagrams, etc.

You can also find reviews on Mazda parts, vehicles, vendors and dealers in this section. Very handy if you're considering a purchase and want to see what others think about what you're buying or where you're buying it from. Recall information may also be posted here.

The great thing about this feature is that it is driven by the community. Anyone can add to the Resources section! Here's how:

1. Go to the Resources section.

2. Choose the type of resource you wish to provide (and vehicle model, if applicable).

3. Click on the Add Resource button in the upper right corner.

Creating the resource is very, very similar to creating a new thread. You have the option of typing out a message, including a link to an existing website or thread, or uploading a picture or PDF file (please keep in mind that there is a size limit for PDF files).

I hope everyone finds this feature useful, and I hope to see more resources created by the community in the future!

Please PM @sm1ke or @Antoine if you have any questions.


- Mike
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