Mazda Connect Firmware 74.00.230A

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Quickly worked through the update on my 2019 GT. Dealer installed: 74.00.310 NA from 70.00.367 and in the 30 minutes of driving back home I noticed in an anecdotal sense:

Much quicker load time from initial engine ignition to system boot and ready for input, quicker menu option scrolling, Apple CarPlay starts MUCH MUCH quicker, did not drop connection with CarPlay either, and scrolling with the Command Knob inside CarPlay seems far more responsive.

For us in our 2019 GT running a iPhone 12 Pro Max w/ iOS 15.4.1, this is a SOLID update.

More feedback to come as I use it throughout the next few weeks.

Guys, I think I have just obtained this new firmware 74.00.310A firmware that Hawke was talking about. I was able to guess the AWS direct download link based on previous link addresses for older files. If anyone is interested in trying it reach out to me and I can send it to you. I have no idea what the actual changes are though so if you are interested and apply the update, please let me know!
Could you please send me the 74,00.310A files. Thanks
Could you please send me the 74,00.310A files. Thanks
no need to send me a request publicly, you just need to message me directly like you already did.

For everyone else, I will say it again, please don't do this action of double messaging me. I will see and respond to your direct message!
Hello everyone, I am new here and any help will be appreciated. I'm on 30 .... EU version of the firmware, I bought a new usb port for Android auto and Carplay and I'm trying to figure out what I need to work. I also have a problem with annoying echoes when talking on the phone. I have no idea which update I need and where to download it. So I will be happy for any help. Many thanks in advance
2019 CX-9 GT
did you notice any changes? if you happen to use Android Auto did you notice any differences with the dpi settings?
So right off the back I think the resolution is higher. Maybe I'm imagining it? Can anyone else confirm?

Also AA connection is faster
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Hi all - I am looking for 4A 74.00.230 for Australia, or newer. I accidentally installed the 74.00.230 NA version, which resulted in a loss of DAB digital radio functionality. Silly me. Can anyone PM me a link to upgrade files? Many thanks in advance :)
Same happened to me did you find a solution?
2019 CX-9 GT


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Hey guys im new here i have a mazda 6 100th anniversary edition and I bought it last year on june 13 my system version is 74.00.200 i need the latest available i live in Saudi Arabia to be exact here is a picture of the system version thanks