May Mazda Meet In Tampa?


2009 Mazdaspeed3 Sport
exhaust isn't illegal when it fails emmisions test or the decemeters on their sound gun goes too high like bass does then its a noise violation there is no law in florida for modifying your exhaust on your car...BTW...LOL

Actually, anything non-OEM equivalent is technically illegal in FL. But that's a matter of interpretation, and enforcement is extremely lax here. I got a warning for an HKS Drager on my Supra in January- a system that's advertised as 50-state legal. So I did a little research on FL exhaust laws.

FL EPA says anything as simple as pulling a resonator is not legal. Technically.

Jaywalking is illegal, too, but ask your friends how many have jaywalked & gotten a ticket for it. Don't mistake lax enforcement for meaning it's legal.