ND MX-5 Mark’s 2016 ND Build

@bazooka joe Did you try the trombone mod I told you about before swapping? Even so, I know you were not keen on cutting up the diffuser to make it work.

@Reitrof No Helmholtz midpipe offered for the ND from GWR anyway. All of GWRs exhausts for the ND have Helmholtz built in. My single tip is essentially a straight pipe with a Helmholtz chamber and then a small resonator just before the tip.


Mark's was similar to mine but had twin tips and the resonator was replaced with a very small muffler just before the tips. You can see the muffler in this pic.

What I’m realizing, after reading the JBR DIFF BRACE thread, the vibration from the brace is resonating with the exhaust causing it to sound twice as loud in the cabin as it really is!
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Removed the JBR sound tube recently. I was surprised how much of a difference it made with it deleted. The cabin is not as nosiey (mechanical sounds).
used the Verus sound tube delete kit.


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We’ll a bit late on Miata updates,
Haven’t done a whole lot, I’m about done with upgrades/mods.
Got some new Nitto rubber,
Added the MX5 Things trunk popper kit. I like it a lot. When the hands are full it really helps not having to lift it by hand.
Got her a new cover for winter, something smooth, tight and sexy!
Went to the Miata At The Gap last week, what a blast!
Working on my old dirt bike now,


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Those new Nittos got quite the break in! haha The trunk popper still scares me. I know me and I would have my head leaning over it when opening the trunk with the button under the bumper.
Nice set of girls you got there!

Tam wants me to tell you, "thank you for being a friend"