MAF boost problems


So I went ahead and built my motor for more boost, but the place I have tuning it is saying the maf is only letting the car boost to 8psi, I have ssafc installed on the car and have the map it came with running. My question is can a maf cause boost cut ? Also does anyone know of a place that does tuning on msp in SoCal? any help would be greatly appreciated. I built the motor to at least run 12 psi.
If I knew all that could get was 8 I would have left it stock.


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The AFC can control the voltage that the ECU sees for the MAF sensor. The MAF sensor maxes out at 5v and causes the boost (actually the ignition) to cut out. Typically this doesn't happen until about 12psi on the T25 in warm weather. I was running ~16psi on a T25 with an AFC and only occasionally hit the 'boost cut'.

The shop should be able to tune around it, if not then they are not familiar with the Split Second AFC.