Lug stud length and spacer requirement questions

I'm running 10.5" wheels on the rear of my p5, with an offset of -6, so they're pretty aggressive. Right now I have like -4.5 degrees of negative camber and the back lip of my wheel is awfully close to my coilover. I need to pull a few more degrees of camber to get the wheels to tuck. So I've come to terms with the fact that I'm gonna have to run a spacer to push the wheels out to pull more camber for the fitment I want. The only trouble I'm having is what size spacer to get. I was planning on getting a 1.5" bolt on spacer but Im worried the oem lug studs will stick out further than the spacer rendering it useless unless I get a bigger size, which I would rather just get the size needed the first time around. I'd rather refrain from buying new lug studs that are shorter so that isn't an option either. Just curious on how long the lug studs protrude from the rotor and what size spacer I'll need to get to compensate for that. Don't have time to take off my wheel and measure myself as I've been working a lot recently, but if this isn't answered by the time I do have time to check myself I will end the thread. Thank you.