Lost Infotainment Nav after .367 update and CP/AA hardware

2016 CX-5, Was running on .100 with no issues. Decided to go with hardware upgrade to CP/AA. Installed firmware to .367 with no issues. Mazda Nav worked fine. Installed new hardware (hub and cables). CP/AA works great, no problem. But, Infotainment system says no Mazda Nav installed. SD card files read fine in a computer. Do I have a bad SD slot in the new hub? Shouldn't Mazda Nav still work?
2016.5 CX-5 GT AWD titanium/black 2016 Miata Club ST MT white
It should still work.

Any chance that the cable from the reader didn't get attached to the proper place?
I have exactly the same issue - .367 upgrade with no issues - Nav worked fine - then Infotainment says Nav isn't installed after installing the new hub. Android Auto is working fine, double checked all the cables. I checked the SD card with the Mazda Toolbox and it says the card is working as expected.

So there seems to be some firmware incompatibility going on here...

The only other thing I did was to install a backup camera at the same time...wonder if there's some interference there? the inline interface was a totally different port on the back of the infotainment system, so I wouldn't think that could be it, but...


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Wasn't there some issue where you HAD to install the hub BEFORE you upgrade the OS? or am I remembering wrong?
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I did mine not long ago and it’s working great including Nav and both USB ports ...

Could your wires on the hub or Nav unit be reversed maybe? There’s an empty jack on the hub that should be left unplugged, so there will be a white and 2 USB cables (the new ones).