Lifting a Protege? Anyone?


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Ok so if you look at some of my Old posts you will see that my wife basically Totaled her protege a few years back. Having worked at a body shop I was able to pull the frame back into shape and get all the body panels to line up fairly well.

But to be honest I'm looking at like $1000 to finish the body panel alignment + paint... on a Protege with 185K Miles and 4 Major accidents on its history. I'll be lucky to get $1000 after i paint it.

SO we decided that because my Wife has now decided that all curbs must die, I would make her car the IDGAF car. Its getting Roller painted.

SO a buddy of mine gave me some free wheels, and a different buddy gave me some free tires....

215 55 16 Tires. with some 16 BBS style mesh wheels.

I bolted everything up and the fronts sit mm away from the spring perch on the strut. The Rear actually touch just a hair so I'm thinking of putting some spacers on just to get it off the perch.

Once it was all on, I actually kinda liked the look. Its the IDGAF Look. Small car, tires that are clearly to big for it.... and I was thinking if anyone has managed to swap springs on a protege to get it to lift a little more? maybe some of the guys up north have a "winter mode" where they tweak it? I've seen a few "rally" proteges set up so I was wondering if anyone had info on them.

I'm not trying to build a "rally car" but I figure that with the Big ass tires i might as well go full retard and add PIAA lights, a light bar, lift, mud flaps, no muffler... etc. Hell I might get more for it in that condition vs a clean protege.
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I have king springs on my rallycross protg. They give me 20mm higher that stock. I'm not sure but they might have taller springs. I order stock ride height. They are australian-based, and I know they make lift springs for Subarus
I know this is an old thread but I figured I'd add to it. Honestly the best way to lift a protege is buy the yellow ebay coilovers that are like 250-300$. That's what I did and I'm running 215 60r16 kinda a/s tires and it looks awesome and doesn't rub at all.


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This is a suuuuuuper old thread but I'm the person that made the Protege lift kit. Since then I've actually gone public and am currently working on my first 1" lift kit for a customer/product tester. I'll be fully selling them on our site soon if you wanna check it out.