LED H7s in a Mazda5?

Has anyone put LEDs in the headlights of a Mazda5? I have an 09 and wanted to do a HiD conversion but I'm considering going the LED route this time.

Hoping to learn from your experiences before I purchase.


2008 Mazda 5 sport
I went with the Cree led that has a fan built inside And it's bright. Compare yo them cheap led


too numerous to name...
I'd like to urge again to avoid LEDs. Their lighting properties are fundamentally different than those of a halogen filament. Your projector cutoff shield will reduce glare, but there is no LED replacement that's street-legal for halogen headlamps for good reason.

If you want to see well, the best that you can with the current headlamps, I'd strongly recommend the following:

First of all, make sure your lenses are clear. If they've fogged you can clean them with a headlight restoration kit, but the fogging will return much more quickly. Long term, the only fix for this is new headlight housings.

Second, get a high performance clear 65W H7 (basically a 2100 lumen H9 in an H7 base) such as the Osram Hyper H7 (64217 or 64218, either one will work here - Flosser also sells a similar bulb). This puts out 2100 lumens instead of the 1300 lumens that you get with a regular H7, and most importantly it keeps essentially the same pattern of emission as the H7 that the headlamp housings are designed for. This makes it compatible with the existing optics. The first-gen projectors should be able to handle a bulb without blacktop and put the additional lumens where they need to be, near the cutoff.

Lastly, align your headlights *well*. I have a similar setup (H9's in the second-gen projectors) that casts a beautiful clean light while causing minimal glare - it's an amazing improvement.

You may also see some benefit from a relayed headlight harness if you have significant voltage drop in the wiring.

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