Knees against hard plastic issue. I fixed mine

Mazda 5
My knees were resting on the hard plastic and driving me crazy. Now I’m good and it’s an awesome experience!


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Now it makes sense why Mazda engineered such a huge gap between the door and the dash area. 🤣
Can you share what you used?


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I mean, I’m looking right at the photos and can see a difference but I have no clue what you did. That’s on me, for sure. Can you elaborate on the process you went through here?
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He installed some type of pad about an inch wide with a chrome top trim around the side of his console and the drivers door window switch unit. You will need to enlarge the photos as it’s Hard to see. Good job Milkit…
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Very clean and well done. We need more information and I may copy you!


Work In Progress..
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Nice, the fact that it's hard to see the difference in the pictures is an indication of how well it is integrated into the original design. Great job!