Keeping shoes clean?

i got a pair of white kswiss and was wondering if anybody knew the best way to keep them clean and best way to clean them so they stay white????
Dilute a little bleach in a bowl of water....take a tooth brush and go over the part that are dirty...that's how i keep my Jordans clean!!!


K, what you do is open up the box, carefully peel back the paper. look at them longingly, the fill the whole damn thing with a clear epoxy resin.They will stay white forever!!! ;)

That is the only way I know to keep them white.


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colgate whitening toothpaste works i think


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How about a magic eraser?

EDIT: Wow this is an old thread, sorry I replied.

I actually used a magic eraser and some water to clean my shoes the other day. Works pretty well, just be sure to test in a small area before doing the whole shoe.