Just Picked Up a CX-50

2023 CX-50 PPT
Congratulations and finally! Enjoy!
That combo was my first choice, but my dealer didn't have ANY terracotta interiors and at the time there was only one Polymetal/Terra available in my state and that other dealer wouldn't trade. But thankfully my 2nd choice was and a trade was made....
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2022 CX-5 Turbo
I visited dealership yesterday for oil change and saw a CX-50 in the same color. It looks great under sun light.
Few cars on their parking lot, and every one has a $5k ADM on them.
Congrats to OP.
Bay Area, CA
Thanks. I was waiting on a PT same color combo from another dealership. It was supposed to arrive mid June but got pushed out to end of June. You can expect what will happen next. I saw this car (PPT) was In Transit to another dealership, so I gave them a call. The sales guy said it is on the sales the floor. It was on hold for someone but the person never responded when it arrived. Before you know it I was signing my life away. I haven’t had car payments in a very long time so I’m happy and sad at the same time. But at least the wifey is happy. Happy wife, happy life.
2022 CX-5 Turbo
That is what I did when I got my '22 Turbo in April.
Keep using mazdausa.com's inventory search.
When I saw the right CX-5 heading to that dealer, I call them to negotiate a deal.
If you are willing to venture farer away, a better deal is likely.
Mazda simply does not have many cars to sell at this point.
The sale of May came down by 63% from last year.

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