Just bought a Mazda5 and need some help!


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I've never owned a Mazda before, but started looking at the 5 a few months ago--we have 2 kids, sometimes need to transport other kids, and I didn't want to get a true minivan for a wide range of reasons, so had a friend enthusiastically recommend we check out the Mazda5. After lots of online searching and 3 test drives, I bought one this week--2009 Mazda5 Touring with around 50k miles on it. Husband was a little nervous about getting something that old but anything newer we saw (2010-15) had either many more miles or was out of our price range.

So, I am happy with the car/purchase. BUT we've already had to bring it back to the dealer once as the low tire pressure sensor was on when I bought it, and the salesman told me it was just that the tires needed air, but in fact it was a bad sensor. Not surprising that the salesman was either wrong or lying, but yesterday my husband took the car to our mechanic on a hunch that it had other issues, and he found that there was rust underneath (again, not a shock given the age), bad front sway bar links and brushings, and the hazard lights work only some of the time. Our mechanic--who we've used for years and has done well with our 2008 Toyota RAV4--implied that it was basically a bad car, and said outright he would not have bought it.

I am really hoping to get another 100k miles out of this car (mainly driving around town with occasional longer trips) but my husband now has me worried we bought a lemon. The dealer has agreed to fix these issues--sway bar links and brushings, hazard lights--and our mechanic said there was nothing wrong with the major systems, filters and fluids all looked good, and the car runs well....But can anyone assure me this was a good call? Are these common issues? Big deals, or small fixes?? TIA!


All that sounds like very minor issues. Engine, transmission, AC, steering - those are examples of big expenses. Enjoy the sporty non-minivan feel!
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It seems, from reading this forum, that the major issues are transmission issues and rust. If you keep up with regular transmission changes using a good after market fluid, this problem should be minimized. Mazda appears to think that the ATF is a lifetime fluid as they don't recommend changes, but it appears to be the lifetime of the warranty, or less :-(. Rust appears to be a general problem with Mazdas & salting roads - there are solutions, but not sure how bad your rust is. A minor annoyance is that the sway bar bushings seem to wear out causing a thumping noise - but they are relatively easy to replace. Have fun with your new/old Mazda.


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After owning a 2007 for almost 7 years now... suspension related "Mazda" branded parts will fail early and need to be replaced. Replace with non-Mazda parts and it's really the only part of the car that will cause you any issues, beyond potentially the engine mounts. Hear some weird squeaks, bumps, rumbles etc... it's from the suspension. Luckily most of the Mazda5's suspension bits (and engine mounts) are cheap, pretty easily fixable and all the owners on here have experienced them and will be able to tell you what's wrong, where the get the best replacement part, how to fix it yourself (if you're so inclined) or how much it should cost to get it fixed.

Someone else on here mentioned the transmission but I think that's just because it's a car with some older model years now and the complaints come here... no more than any other car. Though his advice is good regarding a tranny flush and fill every year.

Otherwise, it's a great, practical fun car... there really is nothing left like it out there in the US market, so enjoy! This was really driven home for me the other day... someone backed into the front of our 5 so I had to take it in for some insurance repairs. They gave me a fully loaded 2016 Doge Caravan for about 4 days while the 5 was being fixed. Wow, what a big, heavy, bloated vehicle... the thing lumbered around corners and roads like I was driving an elephant. It blew through the gas and though it had many "creature comforts"... it felt like everyone of them was about to break every-time I used them. Sure it had a s*** ton of room inside and I guess I could see larger families needing that, but for us, the few times we need more space I just throw the cargo box on the roof and off we go. When I got back into the 5, it felt like I was driving a go-cart!! haha.

PS. Never buy a used car, even from a dealership... actually, especially from a dealership, without getting an independent inspection done by your local mechanic or third party you trust. Although on this one it sounds like your mechanic may have swayed you away from a great car that just needs a bit of suspension TLC.


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those are all minor problems. fix it up and enjoy, that is a fun to drive car (for a minivan, or whatever it is)
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I have a 2009 5 Grand touring which I bought new 12/2008. I now have 171,576 miles. Usually average 25-28 mpg, mostly freeway driving to work. Been a very reliable car. Kept up on all the maintenance. Have only replaced the usual: battery, rear shocks, filters, fluids, and just got my third set of tires in June.

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