JB4 for CX-5?


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Does anyone have jb4 for their 2021 CX-5 2.5t signature yet? Can you feel the gain in low rpm and do you need to remove the front bumper to install.(the map connection).

I found it a bit messy on JB website when selecting models there is one for 2017+ Mazda CX(v1) and 2021+ CX-30 2.5L(v2) turbo. So I contacted support and they said to get the 2021+ cx-30 2.5L(v2) ????? I have seen other people with CX-5 getting the 2017+ Mazda cx(v1) ??? Can someone confirm which version to get ?


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What @dougal said. Go to that thread and post a picture of your engine bay with the engine cover off, and ask if you'll need a V1 or V2. I believe the CX-5 uses the V1. There should also be some instructions for installing the V1 that may not require removal of the front bumper, but you'll have to comb the thread.