Interior fixes


2016 CX-5 GT AWD
Okay so I recently got this 2016 CX-5 and I plan on doing some basic stuff to it over time, Going to have to wait for spring and warmer weather to do the Hyperdip and other stuff but first I needed to fix a couple of interior things. Starting with the console latch that the knucklehead that owned the car before me tried to fix with a screw, I almost sliced my finger bad on this.

Console screw.jpg

Next was the trim piece around the touch screen, it was peeling apart.

Old CP Cover 1.jpg
Old CP Cover 2.jpg

Looks much better with a new panel.

New CP Cover.jpg


2016 CX-5 GT AWD
I just put a new factory one in , it was 6 bucks and like 10 minutes to do.

Console latch.jpg

My fingers and hands are now safe LOL.


2021 GT-R SRCM with Parchment
it always amazes me how some people take such worthless shortcuts to fix something. A $6 part and they use an "open" screw. :unsure: