Installed Raceland Coilovers (1999 Mazda Protege)

Hey I just installed race lands coil overs on my 1999 Mazda protege. the instal went easy but now two days later I heard rubbing assumed it was my tires on the inner fenders. turns out my sway bar was rubbing on my tie rod which is weird. I’m looking online and people say you go shorter sway bar end links but in my case they need to be longer. I am curious if anyone knows why they are short maybe the sway bar is bent or maybe the sway bars are just to short?
Pictures for reference?


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Hard to see but the sway bar end links are now out but where the sway bar is now is how it sits under load with the end links on as well as you can see where the rubbing has taken affect on the tie rod
I just did a ghetto exstenion from 8 inch sway bar links to about 11 I took it for a drive everything clears and doesn’t rub I just need to do a allignment at home just as best as I can so I can figure out why my tires still Squeal


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I could be wrong, its been a while since I was under a Protege... but, isn't the front sway bar supposed to bend over the tie rod? Almost looks like the car was assembled wrong after the coilover installation.
That’s how the sway bar was before I took out the stock suspension but I’ll check to maybe see also I just did my own allignment and car drives fine now with my make shift end links thank you for the help