2017~2022 Infotainment DEAD after CarPlay retrofit

Hi everyone,

I finally got myself a used 2017 GT and decided to do the CarPlay retrofit. The original firmware on the car was 55 series. As per the instructions, I updated it to 70.00.100A. This worked fine. After a few days, I updated it further to the latest single file 70.00.367A. This worked fine as well. I checked the firmware version in the system settings and it was the 367. The car was working perfectly.

In the meantime the CarPlay kit parts arrived. I performed the installation after going through guides and looking at videos. After putting back all the trim pieces, I am seeing that the infotainment does not display ANYTHING now. I don't hear any sounds. Back up camera does not display anything as well. I have tried resetting to factory combination and let the CMU boot up after locking the car and moving away for several minutes etc. Nothing seems to work. Every time I turn the car to ACC mode, it makes a hissing sound but does not display anything. Same hissing sound is heard when I turn the car OFF. I do see the trip/cruise control display next to the speedometer but nothing is showing up on the screen.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I can at least get the infotainment back? I don't think I made incorrect connections because each connector had a distinct shape.

The car still has 2 months of factory warranty left. Can that help?
Update - This is now resolved. One of the connectors slipped under the infotainment unit and basically wasn’t connected (Do’h!). Leaving this here as a usual suspect for anyone else running into it in the future!

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