In Search of 2020 CX-5 Factory Service Manual


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Hello all. I have been scouring the internet trying to figure out where I can get my hands on a factory service manual for my 2020 CX-5 (note: not the owner's manual).

After little-to-no luck on the internet side, I decided to give a local Mazda dealership a call to see if I could get one from them. They told me that, starting with the 2020 CX-5 models, there is no longer a printed manual for repair techs to use; it's all digital. They gave me two options:

  1. Get a subscription to a website called, which supposedly gives me access to the digital service manual for the 2020 CX-5; or
  2. Purchase a physical copy of a 2019 CX-5 factory service manual (one model year before my 2020) for $1,000

The "mazdaserviceinfo" site above appears to only charge $30/month for a subscription *EDIT: appears to be $30 for just a 24 hour subscription. That sure sounds better than dropping a grand on a manual that's for a different model year. I suppose I could try waiting 2 years until my car is out of warranty, and then seeing if that 2019 repair manual has dropped in price by then.

My question is, am I going about this the right way, or can you Mazda gurus can lead me to a better approach? Is there a standard way to obtain these service manuals?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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2020 CX-5 Touring
In case people want to know, I don't need to perform any repairs to my vehicle at the moment (it's still under warranty anyway), but I would like to have an authoritative source in case I ever do. Also, I will soon be changing my own oil and rotating tires for the first time, and I'd like to be sure I'm tightening everything to proper spec, and using the correct jack points, etc. The owner's manual has some of this information, but it would be nice to have more details. I can probably get by on youtube videos and google searches for the oil/rotation, but since I plan to own this car for the long term, it would be great to have this service manual.


I promise I searched for this beforehand haha. I guess it didn't show up in my results because I called it a service manual instead of a shop manual.

Should I just delete this thread? Or is there value to keeping it in case people have new information to share?
Side note: No worries...Sure there's value in this thread (and in keeping it open), no need to delete. :)
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Yeah, it doesn't exist for free unfortunately. The most that is out there is a partial list of documents in the thread referenced. Regarding that website referenced, sounds like a multi hour affair since you only get 24 hours for $30.
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Once you have access to the site for 24 hours, is there a way download the workshop manual? I looked around but didn’t see a download or save to PDF option.